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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Thursday Vol. 1: Pastel Brights

For your viewing pleasure, some of my recent thrifting finds in a palette of bright pastels:

This bright yellow enamel dish has an interesting bottom. It's obviously missing it's lid, but it's been working well as a catch-all on my dresser.

I've been finding a lot of pink glassware lately, for some reason I always picture myself serving coffee with them at some kind of fancy party. I haven't actually done this as of yet, but maybe someday!

I felt like I hit the jackpot when I came across this stack of Franciscan Ware plates. With speckles no less! My favorite.

How cute is this blue pottery creamer? I love the elongated handle.

And one of my favorites- a pink Pyrex bowl!

Hope you enjoyed! I'm going to try to make this a regular feature. Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Hi Melissa - I'm a thrift shopper too and I began posting my finds a few months ago! There are some really great weekly share parties where us thrifters can post our finds. Her Library Adventures (where I found your blog) hosts one each week and it's lots of fun to see what people are finding. I love the pink glassware you found and the pyrex! Happy Thrifting!

  2. Hi Lisa! Yes, I love thrift shopping and I'm excited to post my finds each week. What other blogs host the share parties? I would love to check them out. Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog! I just started it and it's encouraging to know people are enjoying it :)