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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sewing Project: Gray Chambray Shirt Dress (Simplicity 2365)

This was a project I did for my apparel construction class last semester. We had to do a collared shirt, but of course I had to do a shirt dress. I really wanted to try one of my vintage patterns, but my teacher (probably for her own sanity as well as mine) convinced me to just modify a modern pattern to resemble that style. 

Here's the 1940s pattern I really wanted to use:

And here's the pattern I ended up using instead and modifying:

As often happens when one decides to heavily modify patterns (will I ever learn?) cutting the pieces ended up being somewhat of a nightmare. I had to change the width of the skirt, length of the hem, and I cut the sleeve cuffs on the straight grain instead of the bias as the pattern instructed. I also chopped up the upper bodice to create a yoke and put in the little diamond-shaped pocket-flap details (with vintage buttons!). Anyway, I think it turned out well in the end, and I got an A on it despite all the hassle!

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  1. I love the dress, you did a fabulous job! I am obsessed with vintage patterns (I collect them) and like to use them in my sewing. I like the vintage patterns so much more than the newer ones.

  2. I love that dress. Looks good on you. You are making me wish I knew how to sew.

  3. That is so cute. It would also look great with a thin red belt.

  4. That dress is just so beautiful! If I had been your teacher I would have advised you to use the vintage pattern.I always learn so much from really did a great job making it look like the vintage pattern. Love the chambray!

  5. Great dress! I bet you'll now feel more confident in tackling that vintage pattern too ;o)

  6. This is absolutely adorable!! I'd say it was worth any and all hassle, it's fits you so great!
    Heidi @

  7. This is the cutest version of this pattern I've seen. What changes did you make to the skirt? Is it still one piece or did you separate the bodice and skirt?