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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thrifty Thursday Vol. 32: Vintage Clothing

I recently realized that I've never really shared any of the vintage clothing I've found while thrifting. Part of the reason is that I have been waiting to photograph them well to put in my Etsy shop, and as of yet I haven't made that happen. I've put some pieces in the space, but they haven't sold too well so far. Oh well, we'll see what the summer brings!

Without further ado, I present to you a small portion of my vintage clothing stash:

This purple polka-dot dress is just adorable!
This sheer navy and white dress is so cute! I wish it fit me but it's super small.

This orange and white floral 1960s dress is in great condition except for that tear in the petticoat (which I keep meaning to mend!).

A cool gray satin-y 1950s dress which must have belonged to a very short lady- the skirt was taken up a lot.
I love this very bohemian-looking 1970s dress. It would be perfect for a laid back outdoor wedding.
A light blue 1960s mini dress with daisy embellishments.

A green wool "Junior Miss" cardigan sweater.

 An aqua blue 1970s dress.

I thought this black and white checked blazer was cool and would look great with the right outfit.

This seventies blouse still has the original tags on it!
A green plaid lounge-lizard (or used car salesman) blazer.

And last but not least, a pale blue 1960s sweater dress.

Thanks for looking! I'll be linking up at Apron Thrift Girl, A Living Space, Sir Thrift A Lot, Joyful Treasure Hunting, and Young Heart. Head on over and check out everybody's finds!


  1. Your black and white blazer takes me back, I remember when jackets were very boxy and hid a muffin top and stomach pooch. The daisy dress is my favorite!

  2. The two 1970's dresses are stunning. Very Katherine Ross......

  3. Blog crush alert! I found you on Thriftasaurus! LOVE these dresses!

  4. Love the minty seventies blouse! It would look great with some denim cutoffs.

  5. i am in love with that green cardigan sweater!

  6. Great to see. Love the orange one most of all and also like the sheer one and polka dots I always like

  7. The sweater dress is my fave

  8. I'm interested in the polka dot dress! Do you have a size and measurements? Please could you email me on gmsale7071 at gmail dot com? I would like to find out more! Thank you! Grace

    1. Hi Grace, I'll message you as soon as I can get the measurements together. Hopefully in the next couple of days!

  9. I love the coral and floral dress the print is beautiful and the style of the dress is just awesome, so pretty! I am positive my mother-in-law wore the exact dress as your aqua blue dress but in lavender to my wedding in 1982! Great finds.

  10. You just inspired me to start watching the garage sale clothing racks more closely! Adorable stuff. I'd love it if you'd jump over and link up at my "Go Get Your Garage Sale On" Linky Party, and share some of your great finds!