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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Succulent Arrangements: My Latest Attempt at Gardening

succulents in vintage pots

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I have something of a black thumb when it comes to gardening (though I'm trying to get better, really!) Last summer, I tore up the backyard planters and tried to grow some veggies, with very limited success. I do have a fondness for vintage planters though, and Phillip recently gave me two very pretty ones. They looked kind of sad sitting empty on the shelf, so I decided I'd try some cute succulent arrangements, which I can keep indoors and which are notoriously hard to kill. Yay!

succulent arrangements in vintage pots

succulent arrangement in pink vintage flower pot
Luckily for me, my mom is an excellent gardener and a lover of succulents, so all I had to do was hop over to Mom's One-Stop Garden Center (aka, my parent's house). For those of you amateur gardeners like me who might like to know, here's how I did it:

materials needed for succulent arrangement
You need: planters or pots, potting soil, gravel, and succulent cuttings or small starts. Optional: decorative gravel or rocks to cover the potting soil.

Step 1: Raid your mom's (or grandparents, or friends, or neighbor's) succulent stash! This is my mom's in the picture above. These plants are great because you can just pick off a branch from a larger plant, stick it in the dirt, and it will quickly grow roots. I mostly just picked off cuttings and used a few small rooted plants too. For those of you without plant-loving moms close by, you can buy them from the nursery and/or hardware stores pretty inexpensively too.

add gravel to the bottom of succulent arrangement
Step 2: Pour some gravel into the bottom of each pot, about an inch or so thickness. Even if you have a pot with drainage holes, you probably still want to add a gravel layer at the bottom.

Step 3: Pour some potting soil on top of the gravel, still leaving a couple inches room on top for your plants.

cool easy succulent arrangement in vintage planter
Step 4: Stick your plants in and fill in the gaps with potting soil as you go. I put a few taller plants in the back and some shorter ones in front, trying to vary the colors and shapes. Once you've got them as you like, give it a good sprinkling of water, and if desired, cover the exposed soil with your decorative rocks or gravel. I used white gravel for my rectangular planter and river rocks for my round one. They make a nice little edition to my living room and I suspect I'll be able to keep them alive for awhile!

I hope you enjoyed this little project! Are you a struggling gardener like me or a seasoned pro?


  1. Haha I kill ALL my plants and call myself a "black thumb" too. Even my low-maintenance indoor plant would die without my parents' loving attention. I seriously don't know how I am this way, seeing as they are both horticulturalist pros. Hopefully when I have a house of my own I'll be rich enough to have a gardener ;)
    And that's a really nice gardening effort in the pics :)

  2. I've never really been a fan of succulents, but you make them look so cute I might have to plant some.

  3. Luke called me a black thumb yesterday :(

    Your arrangements are adorable. Phillip finds the cutest stuff!!!

  4. Holy crap, I want to raid your moms collection! That's amazing!
    Your planters came out really nice. I love all the different colors and textures.
    I used to have a bunch of them too, but then we had the great over watering of 2012 and then a subsequent gnat attack and the plants didn't make it. Seeing how pretty yours are really makes me want to get more.

  5. Oh, they look GREAT!! Succulents are fab for black thumbs :)