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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sewing Project: Grassy Green Moneta

   I'm pretty excited about this dress, because not only is it my first Moneta dress, but it's actually one of the very first knit projects I've ever sewn!
Learning to sew with knits is one of the goals I set for myself this year, and I bought the pattern over a month ago when it first came out, along with the Colette Guide to Sewing with Knits. I was really eager to give it a try, but at the time I had so much to do preparing for my booth at the Stitch Market that I had to put this project on the back burner for awhile. 

        It wasn't until I did some testing on another knit pattern this week (which I'm super excited to share with you once it comes out!) that I felt finally confident to try out the Moneta. I used a cotton/rayon/spandex blend jersey from Jo-Ann Fabrics that is super soft and drapey. The collar is made from a more stable (less stretchy) off-white cotton/polyester blend. I'm happy to report that it went sewed up pretty well with only a few minor issues, and I've already got two more versions of this dress planned! It really comes together quickly, which is nice.

 One of the most exciting things about this pattern for me is all of the collar variations that are offered as a free download. There are so many possibilities! I decided to do this one with the tie collar, and I love the look of it but I'm constantly adjusting it to make sure the serging isn't showing (you can actually see it in the picture, grr!), so I might tack it in place with a few little stitches.

Another great feature is the pockets! I love dresses with pockets and I often add them to those that don't have them in the pattern. They're super cute and practical too.

 This project made me really happy with my decision last year to buy a new serger. I know it would be perfectly do-able to sew on my regular machine, but the serger makes it so easy to sew and finish seams all at once. I signed up for a serger class at my local community college which starts up next month and I'm really eager to learn some more cool stuff I can do with it.

Here are the essentials:

Size: Large
Fabric: Cotton/Rayon/Spandex blend jersey
Modifications: lengthened skirt by 4 inches

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have any of you made Moneta?


  1. It looks terrific on you! Yes, I've made the Moneta, I lengthened mine to a maxi dress and did the same collar as you. I too am always fiddling with it! I love mine and plan to make more. Here's a link to my maxi version:

  2. I am so impressed by this! The color and collar and adorable. But what is most interesting is that when I went to look at the pattern I thought your version looked so much better than how they showed it on the model! I'm very impressed that you could see the pattern and be able to visualize how it would look on you with your modifications.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I pretty much always add a bit of length to dress patterns, I like it to hit just below the knee :)

  3. I love it! Great colour combo and it looks amazing on you. :) I'm a big fan of the Moneta.

  4. Ohhhh, such a lovely dress, I really adore the combination of green and white on your Moneta, I want one too!!!
    I have the pattern lying around here too, also for about as long as you, but I've got so many other projects on the go, my Moneta is way in the background, but you have inspired me to finally give it a go, or are you willing to give up yours and send it to me? ;D
    I'm so envious right now

  5. So adorable! I'll confess... I've already made 3! I haven't done a collar yet, though I love the look on yours. Maybe the next version.

  6. This is the best Moneta I have seen yet! You look beautiful and green is your color!

    See you in a bit!

  7. This is so gorgeous, Melissa! I absolutely love this color green on you and that tie collar is fantastic. It's hard to believe that you're a knit newbie, because this is impeccably sewn. Well done!

  8. This is such a gorgeous dress, Melissa! That color goes so well with your beautiful red hair and your skin tone. I love the tie, too. It adds some unexpected chic-ness to it. We must be on the same wavelength with sewing knits. I just made my first knit top, too! I'm looking forward to making another moneta and already have the fabric for it. Just need the time to sew it!

  9. this dress looks amazing in the fabric you chose! and i like that it has those in-seam pockets, pockets are always welcome for me :)

  10. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love how you manage to take some patterns that may not look like much and turn them into something awesome. This is not especially true for Moneta, which I like as it is and am likely to order and sew, but, for example, I wasn't really into the Laurel dress at first...until I saw your versions! You managed to incorporate some lovely vintage looking details that really took this pattern up a notch! And it looks like you did it again with Moneta!

  11. Wow, I love your Moneta! That color looks great on you.

  12. The dress is beautiful and looks perfect on you.