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Friday, May 1, 2015

My Wedding Project Checklist

  For those of you who didn't know, I'm getting married this June (in about 2 months!). We got engaged in December of 2013 and while I've been collecting things here and there, I hadn't really gotten into full-on wedding prep mode until 2015 finally arrived, but believe me, the pressure is now ON! Being me, I've decided to DIY a LOT of things for the wedding. Here's a list of what I hope to accomplish:


1. Make my dress
Status: In- progress, materials purchased
This (not surprisingly) has been my most stressful project so far. I found a vintage dress online that I fell in love with and wanted to copy. I looked all over the net for a pattern that would work, finally found it, and then asked the amazing readers of We Sew Retro for some help in getting my hands on the pattern.

A very nice lady in Oklahoma was sweet enough to trace her pattern off for me and send me a copy (for which I am so amazed and grateful!). I worked on grading and adjusting the pattern during a sewing class last fall. I got it fitting pretty well but I wasn't super happy with the bagginess on the shoulders from the dolman sleeve.

I took a break from it around Christmas and was considering going with a different dress style altogether. I started another sewing class this January and my teacher advised me to keep the original style but change the sleeves to set-in for a more flattering look. I am currently in the process of sewing it up and I'll be sure to share a more detailed update soon!

2. Make my veil
Status: Materials purchased, needs to be made
I want to make a birdcage-style veil with a bow, similar to this one but with a smaller bow.

3. Make a petticoat
Status: Materials not yet purchased
 I love the idea of a colorful petticoat showing underneath a dress like in the picture below. I purchased this a pattern to make one, but I still might buy a ready-made one instead. Any thoughts?
4. Sew Phillip's vest
Status: Pattern purchased, materials purchased.
I found this nice charcoal gray wool herringbone at Mood Fabrics in LA, which will soon become a vest with the help of this pattern. Needless to say, I will not be adding any zippers or appliques!

5. Make matching hair accessories for the bridesmaids
Status: Materials purchased.
I ordered some gray petersham ribbon from Britex fabrics that will be made into hair bows for all of the bridesmaids, similar to this photo:
(source: ruffledblog)

6. Make paper flowers
Status: Materials purchased,  in-progress

(source: prettypetals)
7. Make our cake topper
Status: Done!
This was a joint effort between Phillip and I and it turned out so great! I'm going to wait to share that one with you after the wedding, when I can get some photos of it actually on the cake, but it was inspired by some great ones I found on Etsy similar to this:

 (source: LolliPopWorkshop on Etsy)

8. Make a fabric garland
 Status: Materials purchased, not yet made.

9. Make chair signs
Status: I'm still deciding how I want these to look, but I plan to get them done soon!
(source: BHLDN)

10. Make a getting-ready robe
Status: Materials purchased, in-progress.
I purchased some of this adorable cotton lawn by Melody Miller for Cotton and Steel for my robe and this pattern from Atelier Joy from The robe is currently in-progress!

11. Make a family wedding photo display
Status: In-progress
I thought it would be really fun to have some family wedding photos from both of our families on display. I've got most of the photos and info together and I'm working on framing them all.

12. Fabric Bunting Garland
Status: Materials purchased, not yet made. I crazy?


  1. Yes, you are :), but it will all be awesome!

    1. Thanks! It's coming along bit by bit and I know at least most of it will be done :)

  2. You'll be a lovely bride with that beautiful dress! Being crazy is always necessary :)

    1. Ha ha, thanks! I can't wait to share some pictures of the dress!

  3. Yes you are. Make the big stuff. Buy the small stuff.

    1. That's good advice...I did end up buying a petticoat online so that's a big one I can cross off.

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  5. Yay! It's almost time for your wedding! :) It looks like an awful lot of stuff to do. If you don't feel like you can accomplish all of it, prioritize and work what you can and don't stress on the rest. Also, getting your family and bridal party to help you will make it less stressful. More importantly, have fun doing it!

    1. Thanks Tanya! I'm getting a lot done each week and I'm going to start delegating some tasks to my bridesmaids and mom. It's just a matter of figuring out what to tell them to do!

  6. Bit mad for sure, since it's May. But, you can do it. You know the paper flowers can be bought on etsy. You just have to fluff them. Just in case something's gotta give. Should be fun. Cannot wait to see pictures. :) good luck with it all. And remember, what doesn't work makes for a good story. ;)

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to share pictures of the real thing! I actually ended up making the coffee filter flowers last weekend and they were super easy (and cheap!). I'll try to share them soon.